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A holistic approach to Personal Training

What is holistic Personal Training?

Holistic personal training integrates many disciplines to help people become and stay physically and mentally fit. Holistic training can include activities such as Yoga, mindful movement, strength training, core exercises, energy healing and more. The goal of holistic personal fitness isn’t just to increase how many miles you can run or how much weight you can lift; it is an approach that combines improvements in strength, coordination, flexibility, energy levels and overall well-being. The one to one attention will allow us work together to find the best method to achieve your specific health and wellness goals.

What I can offer:

Fitness:                    Fitness programme, walking/running/cycling, strength &                                                            conditioning, core training & box fitness

Relaxation:            Yoga, mindfulness, relaxing visualisation audios

Healthy eating:     Food diary & healthy eating advice

Energy healing:     Bio-Energy Therapy


A little about who I am:

Each week I teach yoga and physical activity at a number of mental health hospitals, older adult and disability centres. Having previously worked as a Fitness and Yoga Instructor at St John of God Mental Health Hospital in Dublin, I have helped many people improve their health and well-being by leading an active lifestyle. Personally, I had chronic fatigue many years ago and I benefited greatly from taking a holistic approach to fitness and well-being and it’s certainly a great passion of mine!


Sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home, a nearby park or at my location in Skerries.


€60 per session or €200 for four sessions


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